Viara Ivanova

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Viara Ivanova: AVGS Coaching Berlin & Online

Wo ich coache:

  • Berlin-Weissensee
  • Online

In welchen Sprachen ich dich coachen kann:

  • Englisch
  • Bulgarisch

Wie ich qualifiziert bin:

Throughout my career of more than 15 years I was analyzing business models of companies of various sizes and industries. I was a Certified Financial Analyst from the CFA Institute – the largest professional association in Germany for financial analysts and investment managers. During my MBA studies in ESMT Berlin (top business school in Germany and Europe) I won a start-up challenge for establishing a viable business model from ideation to go-to-market and growth phase.

Wie ich ausgebildet bin:

Master in Finance and Master in Business Administration with focus on Sustainability and Innovation.  

Was mich sonst noch interessiert:

I am a life-long learner with a genuine interest of making the world a better place. I recharge by spending time in nature and exploring different cuisines.

Seit wann arbeitest du als Coach?

For the last 4 years I was part of a worldwide network of executive coaches (more than 250 people from 60 countries) and followed the professional code of ethics and standards of the International Coach Federation.

Was macht dir besonders viel Spaß in deinem Job?

To help people find the most valuable answers to their business and personal challenges in a holistic and systematic way.

Worauf können sich deine Coachees bzw. Klienten bei dir freuen?

I am highly empathetic person and great listener who has a strong preference to numbers and analytics. I will challenge the perspective of to-be entrepreneurs with profound & holistic questions to form a 360-degree coherent picture of their business initiative. The clients will experience a transparent, reliable, and highly respectful coaching process and benefit from my network to tap further resources when needed. 

Was sind deine Schwerpunkte im Coaching?

  • Business model & pricing optimization 
  • Growth and scaling strategies 
  • Lean Startup Financial planning & Funding  
  • Building a high-performing team  
  • Company’s  vision and mission 
  • Personal growth strategies - habits, boundaries, and mindsets that will give the confidence and accountability to grow oneself. 

Welche Methoden haben sich in deiner Coaching-Praxis bewährt?

  • Business Model Canvas, Go-to-Market Canvas
  • Design Thinking
  • Cashflow Simulation and Modelling
  • Porter’s Five Forces, various leadership models for personal & team growth. 

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